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Tony Graham Nissan - Bells Corners

May 2, 2008 – 12:05 am

2 months ago my family and I decided it was time get rid of the 92 Toyota Corolla that I had been driving as the second car (BTW the 92 Corolla was the most reliable car that we have ever owned). My brother in-law and mother in-law both drive Nissan trucks (Xterra and X-Trail) and have been very happy with them so we decided to go and check out the Nissan Rogue AWD which received quite a few good review for its’ drive quality and fuel efficiency. After being told to stay away from Walkley Nissan because the sales people were too pushy we headed down the street to Tony Graham Nissan in Bells Corners.

On our first visit there nobody even acknowledged us even though we were the only people in the showroom. There were at least 2 sales people hanging around the front desk talking to the receptionist who did not even look up when we walked in. Well at least they weren’t pushy. After walking around for a bit we decided to leave. We were not in the mood for buying a car that night anyway so I decided to send an email the next day to see what kind of pricing they would offer.

Instead of getting a price we got an appointment which worked out fine for us. The sales guy was nice enough. He seemed as sincere as a car salesman can be so after a test drive a couple of days later we decided it was time to negotiate a price. This is where things got annoying.

The last time I bought a car was five years ago so I figured I should brush up on my negotiating skills. I found this site http://beatthecarsalesman.com/school/ that outlines most of the commonly used tactic by car salesmen to “gain the uppper hand” in the negotiation. I thought that most of the stuff written was likely the stereotypical scenario that a customer would encounter but at Tony Graham Nissan the stereotype this is the norm. It was next to impossible to get a straight answer on what the actual price was. He kept saying what do you want to pay per month and I kept asking what is the actual price that you are offering. I don’t think we ever got an actual price. He kept calling this mysterious Mr. Bradley on the phone like we were contestants on that game show Deal or No Deal. I almost started laughing because I was pretty sure he wasn’t even talking to anyone. After a couple of hours of trying to get a straight answer we decided to walk away because we just couldn’t get a straight answer.

I know that losing us as a sale is not a big event for a dealership that probably sells hundreds of cars a year. I am still early in my car buying life, I figure I have at least another 7-8 new cars purchases left in my lifetime and I just don’t have the time waste on negotiations that just run around in circles.

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  2. We had the same problem. After walking around the lot for about an hour, with no sales person asking if we needed any help, we left. Went up to the Dogde dealership in Kanata and was warmly greated by John shortly after we arrived. After test driving 2 vehicles we decided to talk about a price, they were great, except for the ol’switch-off thing they do.

    By Justme on Mar 13, 2012

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